The Last Post 2011

Greetings again. This post is all about Christmas in Arawa in 2011. As usual click on the highlighted text to find your way to the written report.Christmas in Arawa 2011.  It remains for us to wish you all the best for 2012 and to thank you for your support during 2011!

Finally a picture of Murray demonstrating how to create a fine spray of water by running your hand through your crew-cut hair- a new version of Hair Spray!


Christmas Greetings and 2011 in perspective (summary)

As 2011 draws to a close this blog post reflects on the activities of the year – an eventful and interesting year.

We awoke this morning to the news that the PNG Supreme Court has ruled that the O’Neil admininstration  took power illegally while longstanding prime minister Sir Michael Samore was incapacitated through illness and the country was in effect without government, and now the PNG government is again in a state of confusion, with armed police in Port Moresby and many organisations closed for fear of unrest. Developments over the next few days could be interesting… The Arawa Urban Council was looking forward to a budget of K15m for 2012 – but that was prepared by the O’Neil Admin and, I presume, is now not a legitimate budget! This is all unlikely to help improve  PNG’s ranking from right near the bottom of the international list of most corrupt countries!

Anyway please enjoy the good things we can report in our Annual Newsletter  and may your Christmas be a blessed time and 2012 an exciting and challenging year! As usual click on the highlighted text to cross over to the letter.Christmas Letter 2011



PNG in Perspective

Greetings again. PNG national activities described in this blog were extracted from the Courier Post which is one of two national papers. Comments in the paper are often surprisingly hard hitting and photos of accidents and crime scenes are often more graphic than would be considered acceptable in the Western Society. As usual click on the highlighted text for the link to this week’s reportPNG in perspective

This weeks front page photo is a view of Mt Bagana errupting, looking across Arawa Bay

and of a rather unusual plant photographed in a village

Anyone know what it is?

Take care

Kirokai School Library

I submitted the attached article to the Whakatane Beacon  and it featured prominently in a recent edition. With apologies to those who have read it there, I have included it here in the Blog Site for those out of the Beacon catchment area, as kind people from other areas contributed to the project as well. Besides, it’s a good success story! As usual click on the following highlighted text and follow the links to the article books to Bougainville

The situation regarding the Oxfam vehicle has been quietly developing during the past week. A meeting to determine its fate has been taking place this morning – and everyone is hopeful of a successful outcome. Watch this space! I have been checking existing and producing new designs and sorting out materials lists, to make the most of the available time, but we need to get back into the field again and restore more of a normal situation— whatever that is!

A good friend of ours Dr Tim Meadowcroft of Laidlaw College in Auckland has recently published a book ” The Message of the Word of God”  to co-incide with the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. This is sure to be an enlightened and uplifting book – if you are interested he can be contacted at The cost isNZ$25. I’m always impressed at people with the dedication and resolve to write a book and a book of this nature will require plenty of research. Well done, Dr T!

Finally this week we have been visited by a couple of interesting moths, so I’ve included a trio of photographs for you enjoyment

Take care !



Greetings again faithful readers and intrepid blog surfers. This attachment contains the continuing saga of the Oxfam vehicle, rugby world cup viewing and other more mundane Arawa and PNG activities. As usual click on the highlighted text and follow the link to the written report. Meanwhile for your immediate gratification is a picture of a flame lily – a native of Zimbabwe I believe that looks to be developing weed status here.Octoberzest.

Just had a slight diversion – a largish mouse wandering around the living room as we are sitting here – which I for once managed to clobber and dispose of ! The other night one climbed on to our bed and leapt off when Rosie felt it moving and sat up in bed!