Bougainville assignment in review

This is the final post on this series – our assignment has come to an end and so must this blog. I have chosen to review our assignment and what we achieved and learned during our two year stay, and have even dared to venture  to suggest a way forward for Bougainville!  Oh well – writing this blog has been fun – more than 80 postings,400+  A4 pages, and 800+ photographs.  Thank you to our loyal regular readers and and those who chanced on the site – it is  gratifying that we have achieved 10,000 hits to date. As usual click on the highlighted text and follow the link through to the written report Bougainville in Review May 2012

Arawa sunset

The final Buka channel crossing in a Banana boat with all our boxes


PS  Your comments would still be appreciated


Farewells and the journey out

Sorry folks – you’ll have to put up with us for one extra blog post – enough has occurred to justify this  before the final recap and review! As usual, click on the highlighted words and follow through to the written report Farewells April 2012

As an aside the following picture is of a diaphragm from between the carburettor and fuel tank of the VSA Briggs and Stratton powered lawnmower in Arawa that had been sputtering and running very rich for a while. In desperation I had pulled it apart and was lucky to spot the minute tear that had eluded others – new piece delivered from NZ  and end of problem!

The Last Post 2011

Greetings again. This post is all about Christmas in Arawa in 2011. As usual click on the highlighted text to find your way to the written report.Christmas in Arawa 2011.  It remains for us to wish you all the best for 2012 and to thank you for your support during 2011!

Finally a picture of Murray demonstrating how to create a fine spray of water by running your hand through your crew-cut hair- a new version of Hair Spray!


Greetings again faithful readers and intrepid blog surfers. This attachment contains the continuing saga of the Oxfam vehicle, rugby world cup viewing and other more mundane Arawa and PNG activities. As usual click on the highlighted text and follow the link to the written report. Meanwhile for your immediate gratification is a picture of a flame lily – a native of Zimbabwe I believe that looks to be developing weed status here.Octoberzest.

Just had a slight diversion – a largish mouse wandering around the living room as we are sitting here – which I for once managed to clobber and dispose of ! The other night one climbed on to our bed and leapt off when Rosie felt it moving and sat up in bed!

There’s always something happening in PNG!

As usual click on the highlighted text to link through to the written attachment. There is always something happening in PNG

Next week we are off to Buka and the Mask Festival in Rabaul so I’m not sure when the next post will be -hopefully much as usual.

The following picture is of Josh a VSA volunteer setting off for the 4hr journey to Buka – what with fair skin, sun, dust, exhaust fumes, bumpy roads and the ever-present prospects of rain I didn’t envy him his position !