Bit of a gas problem…..

No this isn’t a post about a dose of the local variation on “Dehli Belly” – it’s a success story about finally dealing with a particular hazard I discovered soon after arriving in Arawa – about finding the right organisation and persuading it to do something, all through the medium of a somewhat erratic internet . As usual, click on the following highlighted text and follow through to the article that I drafted up and submitted to a local PNG paper, the Post Courier . We’ll see if it gets published!     Gas disposal

A couple of photos for a diversion:-

What I foound interesting about this was the resemblance to some modern military helicopters. I expect the copter designers copied a good design! This dragonfly’s abilitiy to hover motionless (apart from beating wings that are almost too fast to see) in one place is quite amazing.

Arawa bay taken not far from Tunuru Mission station. The interesting thing about this picture taken from the present shoreline is that, according to a local resident, they used to grow coconuts right out to the far side of the sand bank in the middle of the picture, a few years back!

And to finish off a delicate little orchid I spotted in someones garden here in Arawa. It is about 20mm long.

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Kirokai School Library

I submitted the attached article to the Whakatane Beacon  and it featured prominently in a recent edition. With apologies to those who have read it there, I have included it here in the Blog Site for those out of the Beacon catchment area, as kind people from other areas contributed to the project as well. Besides, it’s a good success story! As usual click on the following highlighted text and follow the links to the article books to Bougainville

The situation regarding the Oxfam vehicle has been quietly developing during the past week. A meeting to determine its fate has been taking place this morning – and everyone is hopeful of a successful outcome. Watch this space! I have been checking existing and producing new designs and sorting out materials lists, to make the most of the available time, but we need to get back into the field again and restore more of a normal situation— whatever that is!

A good friend of ours Dr Tim Meadowcroft of Laidlaw College in Auckland has recently published a book ” The Message of the Word of God”  to co-incide with the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. This is sure to be an enlightened and uplifting book – if you are interested he can be contacted at The cost isNZ$25. I’m always impressed at people with the dedication and resolve to write a book and a book of this nature will require plenty of research. Well done, Dr T!

Finally this week we have been visited by a couple of interesting moths, so I’ve included a trio of photographs for you enjoyment

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The Late Show ( edited!)

Well , here it is, revised and carefully scrutinised so as not to give offence  to anyone. Hopefully lesson learned! As usual click on the highlighted text for the link to the written report The Late Show

We hope you are all enjoying the World Cup Rugby. We watched the first few games  but the screen has been blank for more than a week now. I rang up the TV station and enquired why no picture and was told that, despite sending 10  invoices, the ABG hadn’t paid its bill – so no world cup! They also thought that the ABG had found some money  to pay so there is hope! meanwhile we are having to rely on radio news for the scores and whatever we can download from the internet for pictures. GRRR!!

Not sure what it is but it is quite a stunning flower - Bromilead?


Steady as she goes

Greetings – not much of general interest to “wax lyrically” about so I’ll keep this brief. I have started as acting person in charge of the Oxfam Arawa branch and we farewelled Pauline, the outgoing (that refers to her waistline as well) team leader  at a couple of functions. She is heading back to more civilised territory for her confinement and will probably not return to Arawa with a young child. So it’s back to a management role with some engineering thrown in  – a challenge that I am looking forward to! And there is still a bit of Arawa Urban Council work to do from time to time to add to the challenge. Should the hoped for millions appear for the AUC, then things are gong to get REALLY interesting. but somehow I don’t think that will happen… I have finally managed to get some money out of PNG for them- to China to pay for some fire hydrants – and to Australia for some tests of a coating for Asbestos content. Current challenge is to get someone in Rabaul interested enough to act as customs agent and to arrange on- shipping to Kieta down the road!

Other than that life is pretty routine for both Rosemary (particularly so) and me – Arawa is surprisingly peaceful and laid-back – add a bit of “Jungle Juice” for a good few young men and that “laid back” becomes “flat horizontal”!

A highlight of the week was staying up late with the other VSA volunteers and NZ police to watch a delayed broadcast of the All Blacks beating the TONGANS. Last time we tried that, you may recall, we got an Aussie chat show instead of the advertised rugby so we were relieved when the rugby did come on. The Tongans  put up a very good fight, especially when you consider the population base they have to select their squad from. The reportedly spectacular opening ceremony did not feature on local television. So we will be missing most of the excitement in NZ with the staging of the Rugby World cup under-way – not sure if that is necessarily a minus! We have at least one friend who was threatening to head off for Canada to avoid the “thugby”. Nevertheless we hope it all goes well from here on, notwithstanding the transport troubles that caused some problems last weekend. So far my predictions for the winners in the PNG VSA rugby sweepstake are on target !

Pretty pinki floweri (latin name)

The NZ version of this  is a small bright green with about 10mm wingspan and is  a bit of a nuisance in the garden. Here in Bougainville its a similar size but a lot more colourful