2012 – new beginning or beginning of the end?

Greetings oh loyal followers and casual viewers. This week’s blog post covers the arrival of 24 hr ( well almost) power to Arawa, Rosie’s cooking classes, Arawa’s Christmas lights, Oxfam developments, the RAT and a spectacular orchid from one of our neigbbour’s garden. As usual click on the higlighted text and follow through to the written report …. 2012 – THE BEGINNING

A scene from the Kieta fish market – not sure that I would be brave enough to eat some of those!

It is now three months to our going home – around Easter 2012. Where did that last month go?!!




Greetings again faithful readers and intrepid blog surfers. This attachment contains the continuing saga of the Oxfam vehicle, rugby world cup viewing and other more mundane Arawa and PNG activities. As usual click on the highlighted text and follow the link to the written report. Meanwhile for your immediate gratification is a picture of a flame lily – a native of Zimbabwe I believe that looks to be developing weed status here.Octoberzest.

Just had a slight diversion – a largish mouse wandering around the living room as we are sitting here – which I for once managed to clobber and dispose of ! The other night one climbed on to our bed and leapt off when Rosie felt it moving and sat up in bed!

Dog Tucker!

Greetings again loyal readers! This weeks posting is about dogs, the OxfamWASH programme, and some new faces on the block.As usual click on the highlighted text to follow through to the written report.Dog tucker

The flower below is another unusual hibiscus photographed on my travels through the villages. This is a “double decker” bloom with two separated layers of petals

Take care and Go the All Blacks in the rapidly approaching World Cup! ( Hope the Springboks do OK too :>))

There’s always something happening in PNG!

As usual click on the highlighted text to link through to the written attachment. There is always something happening in PNG

Next week we are off to Buka and the Mask Festival in Rabaul so I’m not sure when the next post will be -hopefully much as usual.

The following picture is of Josh a VSA volunteer setting off for the 4hr journey to Buka – what with fair skin, sun, dust, exhaust fumes, bumpy roads and the ever-present prospects of rain I didn’t envy him his position !