Bougainville Bash

What we looked like before we left

This blog site is set up to record the adventures and thoughts of Dave and Rosie Hall who are on a 2 year assignment with the New Zealand NGO Volunteer Services Abroad


17 thoughts on “Bougainville Bash

  1. Elizabeth and Tom says:

    All the best for your big adventure Rosie and Dave. We will watch your site with much interest. In the meantime, enjoyued your account of Bougainville, and the lovely photo.

    Elizabeth and Tom

  2. Moira says:

    Hi hope all is going well!

    • daveandrosie says:

      Whew finally connected! Unfortunately I blew up the radio by using the wrong transformer ( one of several similar) the first time we used it so have largely lost contact with world news .Chris has sent a repair kit but next mail run is about 2 weeks away and apparently if the package looks interesting it doesn’t always get through ( shades of Africa?) Hope all is well – still have to sort out e-mails.Lots of love

  3. John & Sue Whale says:

    Bon Voyage, fingers X’d for you two.

    Nice to catch up at the Tauranga Jazz Festival!! We enjoyed it but got a bit jazzed out towards the end standing shoulder deep in the crowd.

    Let the adventure begin… we are looking forward to your Blogs. Best Wishes from the Whales

    • daveandrosie says:

      Back in business -but who knows for how long- got up early in the morning in the hope that lack of clouds over the transmitter would assist with transmittal! Take care

  4. Jim and Felicity says:

    we know that you must have arrived already. Hope that you have found things to be manageable and are settling in. Trust too that the water, the food and the wine are good. Dont see any signs of your arrival on Google Earth yet, but hope to observe changes some time

    Have fun
    J & F

  5. Norah and Lindsay says:

    Just trying to stay in touch. we have arrived in Wellington for our VSA orientation. Alo have a “Hen Night” for Leonie on Saturday night before she heads to Washington to join her order. Hen night is “Black Tie” with men invited.

    Hoping that all is well with you and also hoping that communication is easier than it has seemed so far. I guess you have been busy with all sorts of things settling in etc.

    • daveandrosie says:

      great to hear from you ! seem to have sorted out our internet connection for now but it is far from ideal. We will have quite a few words of advice and will e-mail as soon as we can get it to work! Text messages are cheap and effective so it would pay to send us a text message to one of our phone numbers as we don’t have yours-if you don’t have it Laura Austin of Piripai rise can give it to you.

      regards and best wishes

  6. Alex Czerwonka says:

    Hi Dave & Rosie, good to make contact with your through this blog. ocleyn & I have just returned from Dunedi where we went for my graduation with MMin. Good to have all that behond me. Jocelyn is recovering form an op. but is back at work next week. Love and prayers for you both. Alex

  7. Richard Healey says:

    Hello Dave and Rosie, I enjoyed reading your blog, very interesting. I had a yen to visit PNG in the 80’s for no other reason than curiosity, spurred by the fact that a tribe, unknown to the West,had been discovered living their own lives, having their own rituals,and uncontaminated by any known influence or religion. Harry and Laura are staying in UK, H’s younger brother Peter + H are staying a few days with me in Amersham- beer festivals, BBQ’s and boat tripsto come this weekend; Laura is staying with her mum in Harrow, coming over to my house on Sunday. Despite the cost, I’m looking forward to some of your photos=bet you’ve taken a few 100 by now, Dave! Signing off, hope the bugs are not biting……….Richard

  8. Christien says:

    Wow. Looks like the 2 of you have settled in and it seems that whatever you do there will be an improvement on present conditions! I’m pleasantly suprised with the house you have- I had a more local structure in mind.

    Good luck! May the Lord teach you things that you never dreamed were possible.

  9. Smith and Lehmann says:

    Hey found it!!!
    We’ll check it out every now and then. Hope all’s well. Apart from Socceroos not progressing (NZ did well), my footy team dropping by the wayside, Oz cricketers losing current 1 dayers, life is good. Drinking some lovely wines, not missing freeze drieds and 100 pages of Footrot Flats Collection Special Edition to read!!!
    Keep well (not sure about the before photo – are they from your passports???!)
    Ot (and Lysia)

  10. Charles Akers says:

    Hi Dave & Rosie
    Ron Hales rang me yesterday!! to say that John Blackwood died. The notice was in today’s Herald and the funeral is on Friday.

    Jean is showing the new RTL the ropes and is taking her ’round the schools. She is getting reliever’s pay; so much for retirement. I guess somone has to pay for my extravagant lifestyle.

    The Wednesday morning tea is still going, setting the world to rights, but the numbers are down to two.

    Today is wet and cold; from where you are can you imagine me huddled ’round the fire?


  11. Matthew & Lisa says:

    Might be easier if I get an email to remind me to check!!!

  12. Sarah Wing says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie
    I have finally got this address from your adorable eldest child…Uncle Bob and Aunty Moo have been with us for 2 nights and we have thoroghly enjoyed having them here. They took Libby down to Cape Palliser today to see the seals and sea lions they had a great time. We have just got back from a lovely mean out. We will now be able to keep in touch more. Hope all is well with you both. Take Care…..
    The Wing Family

  13. […] Bougainville Bash « Daveandrosie’s Blog… a 2 year assignment with the New Zealand NGO Volunteer Services Abroad … In the meantime, enjoyued your account of Bougainville, and the lovely photo. … […]

  14. lens adapter says:

    Hello, Great work, I’ve bookmarked this page and have a feeling I’ll be returning to it regularly.

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