80 and still going strong..??

Greetings again from Arawa where we are on the “home straight! Our assignment finishes in less than two weeks!

As before click on the highlighted text and follow through to the latest report.  Eighty

Again a couple of pictures for you enjoyment – another pretty flower ( unfortunately not quite as deep red as the original but pixels have their limitations) and an unexpected location for a Springbok Rugby shirt- Arawa Market!

Take care!


7 thoughts on “80 and still going strong..??

  1. Matthew says:

    Well done to the bloggers!!! I trust that the promised earthquake didnt occur!!!! See u soon!!!

  2. Matthew says:

    As for Sasol in the islands!!!!!!

  3. Anthony says:

    Thank you very much for this blog which I’ve just discovered and I’m reading from the start to the end with fascination.

    Best regards and take care!

  4. daveandrosie says:

    Glad you have enjoyed the blog – thank you for the positive comments

  5. ludwig Gelobter says:

    Hey Dave and Rosie;

    Read your, next to last, blog, ade me really ‘homesick’ especially for the Main Market.
    I guess you are all packed and ready to go. Please give Lindsay my e-mail contact, so i can retain some contact in Bougainville, after you leave.

    Have a good trip home, and we’ll stay in touch.


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