The Last Post 2011

Greetings again. This post is all about Christmas in Arawa in 2011. As usual click on the highlighted text to find your way to the written report.Christmas in Arawa 2011.  It remains for us to wish you all the best for 2012 and to thank you for your support during 2011!

Finally a picture of Murray demonstrating how to create a fine spray of water by running your hand through your crew-cut hair- a new version of Hair Spray!


One thought on “The Last Post 2011

  1. Tony Hinkley says:

    Dave / Rosie….. all the best for 2012 and thank you for the brilliant job you have done with your blog. This last one was exceptional . Those little technicolour worms thaat pop in and out of the coral wall are amazing and your photo caught their act perfectly.
    Bad luck for Jonathan but so lucky to have no fatalities in the river pmv roll over.
    Enjoy your last three months

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