Christmas Greetings and 2011 in perspective (summary)

As 2011 draws to a close this blog post reflects on the activities of the year – an eventful and interesting year.

We awoke this morning to the news that the PNG Supreme Court has ruled that the O’Neil admininstration  took power illegally while longstanding prime minister Sir Michael Samore was incapacitated through illness and the country was in effect without government, and now the PNG government is again in a state of confusion, with armed police in Port Moresby and many organisations closed for fear of unrest. Developments over the next few days could be interesting… The Arawa Urban Council was looking forward to a budget of K15m for 2012 – but that was prepared by the O’Neil Admin and, I presume, is now not a legitimate budget! This is all unlikely to help improve  PNG’s ranking from right near the bottom of the international list of most corrupt countries!

Anyway please enjoy the good things we can report in our Annual Newsletter  and may your Christmas be a blessed time and 2012 an exciting and challenging year! As usual click on the highlighted text to cross over to the letter.Christmas Letter 2011




5 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings and 2011 in perspective (summary)

  1. Andre says:

    Thanks for all your news and the summary of your exciting year. Have a blessed Christmas and we are really looking forward to having you home next year.
    Leo took his first steps last weekend, he is sooo cute.
    Lots of love
    the van Breda’s

  2. Freda Davies says:

    Thanks for your news, Gareth and I in Miami at the moment to spend christmas with Mark and family.We will then have a second one in Uk when we get back Dec 28th..Gareth then returns to Ghana for another 6 weeks roster.
    Keep up the great work you are doing. love Gareth and Freda ..

  3. Barney Gray says:

    What an interesting place you live in.
    Have a happy Christmas
    Cheers, Prue and Barney

  4. Paul says:

    Hi David and Rosie

    Thanks for your xmas message. What is your email adress as I had one to send to you but the email address I have bounced.


  5. Thats good, your blog is cool, i like it. Thanks for the efforts my friend.

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