Greetings again faithful readers and intrepid blog surfers. This attachment contains the continuing saga of the Oxfam vehicle, rugby world cup viewing and other more mundane Arawa and PNG activities. As usual click on the highlighted text and follow the link to the written report. Meanwhile for your immediate gratification is a picture of a flame lily – a native of Zimbabwe I believe that looks to be developing weed status here.Octoberzest.

Just had a slight diversion – a largish mouse wandering around the living room as we are sitting here – which I for once managed to clobber and dispose of ! The other night one climbed on to our bed and leapt off when Rosie felt it moving and sat up in bed!


3 thoughts on “Octoberzest

  1. Matthew & Lisa says:

    We were in Taupo and watched the final at the fan zone – the main restaurant street was closed off with 3 big screen TVs and a moderate crowd in the street. The nail biting was quite fun as part of a whole crowd. Your descriptions of life and the way it happens continue to bring parts of Africa to mind????

  2. olviyak says:

    Your posts are very interesting, and the flowers are gorgeous.

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