Onwards towards Gopinis!

We are nearly at the 3/4 mark of our assignment – in a little over six months we are due to complete our Bougainville assignment and head off back to New Zealand! The time has flown and the weeks seem to continue to roll over at an alarming rate. This has been a relatively quiet week so I have dispensed with the usual separate report. One old fart had a birthday party on the 24th

and he was able to blow (spray?) out the candles between dribbles. We celebrated with a very pleasant potluck dinner on the Friday evening, but missed seeing the All Black trounce the French (pardon, Caroline!) on Saturday because the broadcast bill had still not been paid. (The good news is that it came back on on Monday morning at 8am, so we will see regular highlights as well as the Samoans just beat the Springboks on Saturday!)

Apart from that I have continued to enjoy helping out at Oxfam with the programme of hygiene training and water supply and toilet installation. Today Rosie accompanied us for the best part of a day on a field trip down the coast to inspect three villages that had been Oxfam pilot projects for the area, and where there appear to remain some challenges. At the end of a trip like this one feels a bit like how I would imagine it would feel being in a tumble drier for half an hour, with heat, humidity and being thrown around!

To finish off a picture of a beautiful lilly I spotted in a neighbour’s garden, plus a close-up of one of those hanging tropical blooms – in our garden.

plus a section of coconut tree stem photographed to-day

Cheers and – keep safe – until next week!


One thought on “Onwards towards Gopinis!

  1. James says:

    Happy birthday old man! Pity about Carter old chap, I guess the Kiwis r gonna struggle a bit now? Go Bokke !

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