Bougainville Water Scheming

Greetings from Arawa again. Our sympathies to our familes and friends in New Zealand suffering almost record low temperatures and snow over most of the country, including flurries in Auckland – very rare.  Actually we’ve had one of the coldest nights here this week – the temperature dropped to 21.7deg C – so we have some idea of what you are going through:>)

I noticed in the “Whakatane Beacon” web page that the district council there is reversing its decision of five years ago to sell off its engineering services and contract them in, in the interests of saving costs and improving services. Think if they’d not done so I might not have been writing this blog from Arawa! Anyway I hope they take issue with the expensive management consultants who recommended the sale and quoted all sorts of amazing cost savings that would be achieved!

This week’s posting is all about surveying a couple of villages for water schemes with Oxfam.As usual, click on the highlighted text to go through to the written report.Water Scheming

This week’s news is that Ausaid  (Australian Aid)has apparently decided to directly fund the restoration of Arawa, according to a message relayed to Council staff from the ABG president. There is some talk of this starting next month, but this seems highly unlikely, with 2012 or 2013 being the more likely starting times, when new budgets are sorted out, These years aren’t likely to be of much use to me, coming to the end of my assignment (17 months down –  7 to go), but it will be good news for Arawa. Again my PNG experience suggests that it is wise to wait until you see the colour of the money before making any commitments! We are still trying to get the small amounts we applied for from the small 2011 capital works budget

View of Arawa across Peace park with Mountains in the background. Panguna Mine is just behind them

Take care.


One thought on “Bougainville Water Scheming

  1. John Whale says:

    Excellent use of Google Earth Dave. I find its seafloor contour feature good for finding likely fishing spots!

    Would there be any concerns about the quality of the water from the springs? I appreciate it may quite a stretch to test for metallic content way out there, but with the geothermal nature of the area there may be high metallic oxides about. I recall some boron/arsenic contamination issues with the Braemar scheme. Mind you the Bougainville locals may have adapted over the centuries.

    Good comment about the WDC engineering situation here. Wonder if there is a case to recoup some money by bringing legal action on the ‘expensive management consultants who recommended the sale and quoted all sorts of amazing cost savings that would be achieved’. Slick talking bullsh*t artists and gullible councillors = inevitable result! Haydn Read left in a fog!

    We love you blogs, excellent to catch upo on your adventures and good works. Bset wishes to you and Rosie…

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