Film Stars! (well almost – extras actually)

Greetings again to our loyal readers. Apologies for the delay in posting but we have been away in Rabaul for a week for the Mask festival, which I will be reporting on in greater detail later in the week.This post is all about… well click on the highlighted text in the usual manner and read all about it!Film Stars(well extras actually) Enjoy!

To finish off let me intorduce Micah to you. He is the gentleman who we go to to get phone-to-phone recharging of our Digicel Cellphones instead of having to buy a fist full of scratch cards at inflated prices – the poor often seem to be those who get exploited. From certain perspectives he reminds me of Albert Einstein – maybe it is just the moustache! He is also a regular attender at the local CLC church that we attend and does sterling service for VSA, NZ Police and also the Mr Pip Crew I believe recharging phones and internet modems.

Take Care!


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