There’s always something happening in PNG!

As usual click on the highlighted text to link through to the written attachment. There is always something happening in PNG

Next week we are off to Buka and the Mask Festival in Rabaul so I’m not sure when the next post will be -hopefully much as usual.

The following picture is of Josh a VSA volunteer setting off for the 4hr journey to Buka – what with fair skin, sun, dust, exhaust fumes, bumpy roads and the ever-present prospects of rain I didn’t envy him his position !


2 thoughts on “There’s always something happening in PNG!

  1. Tony Hinkley says:

    Nice job Dave… top photo of Murrayand mosquito.
    Please say hi from us to all at the Hutjena Go Pinis and enjoy the trip to Kokapo.
    Tony and Susan.

  2. moira schionning says:

    dearest Dave and Rosie,
    I’m nott surewhat your other email address is and being in UK can’t look it up, so this is prob the easiest way to contact you. Thank you for continuing entertaining updates, you’ll find NZ pretty boring when you eventually return. Always enjoy your lovely photos. Just to let you know the good news that Lynette and Glenn have a new little son, unnamed as yet. He arrived at home as planned and with the midwife not even remotely in site so i had the pleasure of delivering him . It was even quicker than the first and again the fancy birthing pool didn’t get used so G and Samuel went for a swim in it instead !.All went very well and the midwife eventually rocked up 15 mins later. So there is still a bit of excitement outside of Bougainville! Am battling with this laptop so will end off now. Lots of love, Moira XX

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