There’s always something happening in PNG!

As usual click on the highlighted text to link through to the written attachment. There is always something happening in PNG

Next week we are off to Buka and the Mask Festival in Rabaul so I’m not sure when the next post will be -hopefully much as usual.

The following picture is of Josh a VSA volunteer setting off for the 4hr journey to Buka – what with fair skin, sun, dust, exhaust fumes, bumpy roads and the ever-present prospects of rain I didn’t envy him his position !


How to revive a dead digital camera!

This blog posting is relatively brief – not too much news to justify a big posting!

Briefly my work continues to be quiet but I do get the occasional small victory- like finding someone in PNG who checks their e-mails generated from their web sites, and persuading a supplier to replace fittings stolen from an inadequately addressed crate left on a jetty for two weeks because we were not advised of the shipping arrangements! Also finding half a dozen cans of Tonic in a local shop!

Rosie continues to slave behind the scenes of the Mr Pip film with long days (6am to 7.30pm) but is enjoying the atmosphere. She has decided that film making is too high pressure for her to take up a new career! This week they burnt the church down that they had carefully constructed. Unfortunately the most spectacular bit was when the steeple finally collapsed in a shower of sparks – after the cameras had been turned off!
We had a visit from the crew’s doctor – who also happens to be the VSA medical adviser – over the weekend and treated her to a potluck lunch and a swim in our favourite water hole in the river upstream and next is a view over the swimming hole ( which I can’t seem to download!)
Rosie has tracked down the last missing box of donated books delivered with the Mr Pip crew and we are busy catalogueing them all and delivering batches to the school every few days. The total number of books now exceeds 1,000 which is fantastic. The school and kids are delighted!
Politically things appear to be hotting up in Bougainville with a couple of Bougainville policemen shot and injured near Buin and a couple more shot and killed some way South of here. The rebel leader has said that the mine at Panguna won’t re-open before they are paid out BILLIONS in compensation for environmental degradation and losses suffered (an area where they are hardly unique!) so I am not sure how the Bougainville President and government will handle it! I can’t imagine any company forking out billions in compensation before the billions necessary to re-open the mine – so it looks like Bougainville will continue to stagnate.Very sad.

One final story of success! You may recall my camera stopped working after it spent a day flapping against my sweaty shirt while climbing a local hill. In desperation I opened the back but couldn’t see anything obviously corroded or damaged so I removed the battery and memory card and dunked the back of the camera in rainwater (the cleanest water we had) several times before drying it very carefully for a few days- it still didn’t work and I concluded that it was a write-off. Some days later I realised that the zoom control and other switches that didn’t work were to the right of the camera, so this time dunked the right side of the camera (after removing the battery and card)several times, taking care to keep away from the lens. I dried it again very carefully (including several days in an air tight container with silica gel capsules) before replacing the battery and card and – it’s now working! I conclude that I was able to wash off salts that had accumulated in the circuitry and were messing up the signals – without damaging the circuit boards! PS THE IMPROVEMENT PROVED ONLY TO BE TEMPORARY!
That’s all for now – take care!