Bringing up Food again!

Exotic foods, mountain climbing , broken cameras, land summits, cholera outbreaks,etc – read all about them in the latest posting! As usual click on the highlighted text  and follow the link to the separate written articleBringing up food again.

As mentioned in the article is a small video clip of the view from the top of the mountain. Enjoy!


One thought on “Bringing up Food again!

  1. Moira says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie,
    Just a quick note to say hello and thank you for all the interesting emails. I loved the scenic pictures and found the descriptions of local food really interesting. Some of them remind them of the exotic veges one sometimes sees at Moshims and around which I circle warily ! Hope you were able to fix your camera, I can’t imagine you without it. It sounds like you are finding things to do there , so that is good. I hope the cholera doesn’t get to your village.Good thing you were vaccinated.
    Your walk was worth it for the beautiful view from the top. Almost as lovely as NZ !! We are all fine, working hard. Wendy and Kayleigh are coming up for a week. K is almost walking and can walk alone pushing her little cart , she’s not yet 8 months ! You can see pics of her on facebook. You will be pleased to hear Samuel had his vaccinations eventually. Mum is well and we chat on the phone quite ofter. It is so quiet here after all the months of visitors ! I am doing an online lactation conference the whole of this month so don’t have too much free time. 2 friends are working in my garden today and I am so grateful for their help. I couldn’t see the flowers for the weeds.
    How are your boys? I must phone Rob for his birthday.
    Keep well, miss you heaps and are looking forward to you coming home. The year is going so fast ! Tons of love, Moira and Den xx

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