Fruitfully yours

The main topic of this post is about some of the more exotic fruits and vegetables  we come across, plus a brief report on a walk Dave undertook with friends in the Arawa area, plus our latest venture into surrogate grand-parenting! As usual click on the highlighted text to work through to the written report!Fruitfully yours May 2011

On Dave’s  work front, we are still trying to access funding to do some projects , although it looks like we will shortly have enough to make a small start. The promised millions from the PNG government is supposed to be starting to arrive next month- however I am not holding my breath waiting for it.

PNG news continues to be full of murders, robberies and jail-breaks, with politicians being feted for handing out the millions of Kina they are allocated each year to spend on projects they approve of.  It seems like a recipe for political cronyism and corruption.  Latest article was on a group of armed off-duty soldiers trashing a Service Station and causing millions of Kina’s worth of damage.

  Bringing up the rear – the track to Pavaere

Some government departments are being relocated from Buka to Arawa and there is currently a Land Summit taking place in Arawa to try and work through the quagmire that constitutes land ownership in its various forms in Bougainville. This has been largely organised by Sarah a young VSA volunteer, with remarkable tenacity, tact and drive. It would be nice to think that something positive comes out of the discussions, but considering the complications, things may take a while longer to resolve.

Power pylons are being restored and wires run so it may not be too long before we have 24hr power!

A chipped tooth and lost filling has caused me a few problems but it looks like the local New Zealand trained dental nurse will be able to clean it up and fill it for me. Here’s hoping it all goes well or it may be a trip to Port Moresby or further for further treatment.

Take care


2 thoughts on “Fruitfully yours

  1. Lindsay says:

    Dave hasn’t been totally honest, when they returned from the walk on Sunday all four looked like drowned rats.
    We had puppies too, two people had expressed a definate interest in taking a pup, unfortunately only one made it to it’s anticipated owner, the other two “disappeared”. One we can hear, and have seen once, at a house across the road another seems to have walked at six weeks to the other side of town wher Norah saw it being shown off. We do hope they will be cared for but have our doubts.

  2. Hi Rosie and Dave,

    it looks like you made it safely back to the Islands after your journey to New Zealand. Enjoyed reading about the many different foods you are trying out and maybe Rosie can become a coconutter once back in New Zealand in one of the top restaurants, hahahaha. Your trip up the hill sounded exasperating and just to confirm your observation, even in New Zealand I always use flavoured drink and put a bit of salt into the water – the body just has to get a bit of food and minerals when it is being asked to perform at a higher activity level. We had a great walk over Easter (Kaipara Harbour) and in three weeks we are off to Switzerland to a family wedding. This will see us miss nearly 4 weeks of winter and Frau Siegfried is delighted. Take care and hopefully your funds will come through to start the project.
    Take care and Gods Blessings

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