Tanks for the Memories

This week’s posting has  a military flavour . As usual click on the highlighted text and follow the links back to the written report.Tanks for the Memories

Below (when and if the link is good enough) are two short clips of the journey  between Arawa and Buka, which I again made this week, to try to understand ways the Arawa Urban Council can get access to money to do some much needed work and pay some much needed wages. Clearly policies ares still being developed and there is much confusion. The promised millions from the Papua New Guinea  government have not yet materialised (surprise, surprise!) and no-one is quite sure if and when it will and what restrictions there will be on its expenditure. I took the opportunity to pick up a few treats unobtainable in Arawa (cheese, chocolate, marmalade, sausages, beer) and delivered several doses of Cholera vaccine for the VSA volunteers – while there is none in Arawa, the odd case is occurring in Buka, so it pays to be careful. We are both keeping very well, I am pleased to report- still not sure how effective my efforts with the Urban Council are -but with the rate at which the months are flashing by, I may well be still wondering at the end of the assignment in April 2012!

“Mr Pip” is to be filmed near Arawa from the end of May with Hugh Lawrie (House) as a lead character! Who knows -by the end of filming in July we might be on first name terms! The film crew have very kindly added several boxes of children’s books into their containers for Rosie’s library project at the local school, which will save considerably on postage! Thanks also to Andre and Catherine and Jean for collecting and arranging delivery to the office in Auckland.

Next posting will be on the wild social life of the Arawa contingent over the long Easter Weekend!

Last week’s mystery object was a navigation light on the Napier foreshore north of the port,(I think!)


(Sorry this is later than intended but we lost all internet connection for a while yesterday. Telikom, the major provider was down ALL Easter Weekend with the back-up Digicel somewhat erratic!)


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