Enjoy the attached movie of a very large tree- it would have originally been a vine but it smothered out the tree and took over .

Brief NZ visit report to  follow shortly


Buka, Batteries and Ballgames

Greetings from Buka this time – on our way back to New Zealand for one month! Apologies for the delay in posting this but Arawa Telikom ran out of diesel fuel and the usual supplier refused to make another delivery until his overdue bills had been paid. This meant that  Arawa has been without television, internet and Telkom phone services since Thursday. Fortunately the privately operated Digicel cellphone system has been mostly operational – and we did keep our Digicel modem – but it is expensive to operate, hence no posting of the blog. Here is the latest posting named…Buka Batteries and Ballgames Again click on the higlighted text to access

LAST WEEK’S Photo Competition Answer: The strange silvery objects against a blue background in the last posting are air bubbles rising from divers below – photographed while snorkelling. ( Pretty well there Lane!)

This weeks competion- What is this?

Photo Quizz 9 March 2011