Arawa – onwards and upwards Feb 2011

Life continues in Arawa with its shares of ups and downs – as usual, click on the highlighted text to get the attached report Arawa – Onwards and Upwards – Feb 2011 We are heading back to NZ for about a month in about 10 days time and are looking forward to catching up with friends and family. The trip will take a few days Wednesday Arawa to Buka, Thursday Buka to Rabaul, Friday Rabaul to Auckland via Port Moresby and Brisbane. We decided to stop0ver in Rabaul rather than Port Moresby  and have a brief look around  and catch up with a VSA colleague Susan Kelly there.

Rosie, after much deliberation, decided to not take up the opportunity she had to go back to work in Whakatane hospital in March 2011. Unfortunately the uncertainty about on-going useful work for Dave in Arawa remains  but we are a bit more optimistic about something turning up, so we will press on and come back to Arawa in mid April for the second year – and see what develops! It means that Rosie, who is not keen to give up radiography yet, will have to take her chances with maybe casual or relieving jobs when she gets back.

To finish here is another photo puzzle to test your knowledge or deductive skills! What is the following??

Puzzle 2

The prize for the first correct entry is a guided 3 hour walk down the main street of Arawa pointing out the interesting features of the many potholes and flood damage.  Ropes and helmets provided!


2 thoughts on “Arawa – onwards and upwards Feb 2011

  1. Tony Hinkley says:

    First day of Autumn today and here in Nelson we can feel it in the cooler mornings and shortening daylight hours. Your diary is great reading for us, suffering a bit from post Buka depression. We have had Sister Lorraine staying here for the past week which was excellent.
    Dave the beard suits you but its too hot even in temperate Arawa to endure a fully whiskered face.
    All the best for your month in NZ and the rest of your time in the AROB.
    Tony and Susan.

  2. Laine says:

    photo…hmmmm could be an underwater fart!!!..definitely an under water air-bubble…i did consider a jelly fish????

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