Potpot and Vitu Island Part 2

As promised Part 2  in the attached file that you can connect to by clicking on the highlighted text.Potpot Village part 2. A sequel to this – Malinda the Live and Learn project leader arrived back yesterday . Apparently the villagers are excited to have all their new taps in place with running water and half of the new toilets installed. What is left is to complete concrete slabs at each tap and a general tidy-up. Rosie was sent a basket of oranges as a gift.

Next week – back to Arawa via Port Moresby and Buka! We will be sad to be leaving in some ways, but glad to catching up with the remaining friends in Arawa. I suspect that our time in Kimbe has run its course and we are off to new adventures!

The consequence of a week away from hot water – rather dashing I think – shades of Indiana Jones! Rosemary is less complimentary – muttering something under her breath about Steptoe and son! Huh! Take your pick……


One thought on “Potpot and Vitu Island Part 2

  1. Laine says:

    very handsome Dave… but who want to kiss THAT… you look positively evil……like a pirate …hahhaha… good luck in Arawa … give our best and love to all.

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