Arawa – onwards and upwards Feb 2011

Life continues in Arawa with its shares of ups and downs – as usual, click on the highlighted text to get the attached report Arawa – Onwards and Upwards – Feb 2011 We are heading back to NZ for about a month in about 10 days time and are looking forward to catching up with friends and family. The trip will take a few days Wednesday Arawa to Buka, Thursday Buka to Rabaul, Friday Rabaul to Auckland via Port Moresby and Brisbane. We decided to stop0ver in Rabaul rather than Port Moresby  and have a brief look around  and catch up with a VSA colleague Susan Kelly there.

Rosie, after much deliberation, decided to not take up the opportunity she had to go back to work in Whakatane hospital in March 2011. Unfortunately the uncertainty about on-going useful work for Dave in Arawa remains  but we are a bit more optimistic about something turning up, so we will press on and come back to Arawa in mid April for the second year – and see what develops! It means that Rosie, who is not keen to give up radiography yet, will have to take her chances with maybe casual or relieving jobs when she gets back.

To finish here is another photo puzzle to test your knowledge or deductive skills! What is the following??

Puzzle 2

The prize for the first correct entry is a guided 3 hour walk down the main street of Arawa pointing out the interesting features of the many potholes and flood damage.  Ropes and helmets provided!


Arawa – the way back!

We are back on line! Telikom PNG internet has been down for a couple of weeks now and I had to use the very much more expensive to operate Digicel modem ( that fortunately I didn’t throw away when Telikom installed their system- like some I know)

I had a note from someone who said they couldn’t download the attachments in pdf format. If you are having this problem you probably need to do a Google Search for “Adobe Reader” and download the latest “Adobe Reader” free software for handling pdf files. You may find that you can now open all sorts of files that you couldn’t before! To read the latest report click on the following highlighted text .The Way Back …

An amusing recent text(sms) exchange with Tony here in Arawa. Tony travels all around the world doing all sorts of amazing aid programmes and is second cousin to a mountain goat. He took us on a walk soon after we arrived and nearly killed me! Unfortunately he recently slipped and injured his ankle, which slowed him down somewhat, especially when he got cellulitis ( no broken bones).The following is the sequence of messages.

DAVE: ( to Tony) How about going on a walk this afternoon – I should be able to keep up with you

TONY : Regret but must decline

DAVE: Inconsiderate b********d! (that put him back on his heels – one of which was very sore)

TONY: (after some thought) You’re on if it is a one legged climb up a steep slope

DAVE: ( After further thought) Only on condition I get to choose which leg is used!

TONY:  ( Still thinking about an appropriate answer!)

We are still uncertain of our future here – whether there will be work for another year remains to be seen but things are maybe a little more promising than I had expected. Just had bad news that our lovely tenants at 42 Melville are leaving at the end of March for Nelson – we will be sad to see them go.  Will soon have to decide what to do after that – if nothing else to feed the cat that came with the house!

Take care – less than 3 weeks to our return to NZ for a month !

Rosie’s Kimbe X-ray Success

We are safely back in Arawa – with mixed feelings -more about that and the journey back later but we are having internet connection problems with our main service provider and have to resort to the slower and more expensive alternative, so will keep this brief.

Sometimes all things come together , even here in PNG!  The attached press statement was sent to the Whakatane Beacon, with a slightly modified version to the PNG Post Courier – it was published there in the Post Courier word for word on Thursday – not sure if it made the Beacon. Well done Rosie and thanks to all those whose efforts  helped make it a success story! As usual click on the highlighted text to get the article.    Xray cassettes

Potpot and Vitu Island Part 2

As promised Part 2  in the attached file that you can connect to by clicking on the highlighted text.Potpot Village part 2. A sequel to this – Malinda the Live and Learn project leader arrived back yesterday . Apparently the villagers are excited to have all their new taps in place with running water and half of the new toilets installed. What is left is to complete concrete slabs at each tap and a general tidy-up. Rosie was sent a basket of oranges as a gift.

Next week – back to Arawa via Port Moresby and Buka! We will be sad to be leaving in some ways, but glad to catching up with the remaining friends in Arawa. I suspect that our time in Kimbe has run its course and we are off to new adventures!

The consequence of a week away from hot water – rather dashing I think – shades of Indiana Jones! Rosemary is less complimentary – muttering something under her breath about Steptoe and son! Huh! Take your pick……