Christmas 2010

Cheers and happy Christmas to all of you ! And all the best for 2011

Lead up to Christmas click on the highlighted text as usual for the news sheet

Sorry, attempts to download movie showing the big tree that is mentioned in the news sheet is proving difficult – will try at a later date


Life (and death) in PNG

greetings ! It has been a fairly quiet week for us so I won’t bore you with a ho-hum account of what we did or didn’t do . Instead I have included an extract from an Obituary Notice from a local national paper that amused me and I hope will amuse you. Obituary As usual click on the highlighted text to access the pdf file.

We have booked our Christmas dinner at the Walindi Lodge next door. Rosie was disappointed to just miss seeing the good looking actor  Robson Green who stayed there while filming another in his series on fishing in extreme places.

We are off to Bavussi at the far Eastern End of West New Britain on Sunday for a few days. Live and Learn is running one of its programmes there. It is quite remote and our next posting will be delayed until later in next week – but there should be something interesting to report! From the 6th to about the 26th we will be staying on the remote Witu Islands and will definitely be out of touch for that period.  Again there should be something interesting to report when we get back. All the materials for a new water pipe system and ventilated long-drop toilets were loaded on to a boat to-day for delivery to the island in anticipation of our arrival.   Then it is back to Bougainville for us on about the 8th February!

The young lady is copying mum as to how one carries one’s bilum and makes quite a cute picture.

Take Care and Happy Christmas to all our friends and family !