Kimbe – first impressions of the new settlers

Greetings again. Life is quite hectic here- great! I have reverted to the old format of writing my report as a “word” document , filing it in the wordpress media library and providing a link from the Post, as it is a little less dependent on a constant internet link and consequently slightly less traumatic for me. Apologies to all who prefer the entire report in the posting – as happened for the last one.

Please click on the highlighted text and again on the same highlighted text on the screen (about messages) that opens – to get to this week’s report.Enjoy!Kimbe – First impressions of the new settlers. I was particularly pleased with the photographic results in it of my early morning risings to catch the dawn.

For the flower lovers and those who can’t or won’t work through the link – a recent flower image. Take care and thanks to our loyal followers and supporters.


One thought on “Kimbe – first impressions of the new settlers

  1. jillbygott says:

    Just had a look at your Blog, It is great, wished I had got onto it before so I had caught up with many past information, will check again when I have more time and read from the past!! Hope you have success with the emial I sent. Love JIll

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