River crossing Arawa to Buka

Little film clip of crossing a river – sorry you will have to view from the side as I got a rush of blood to the head and filmed it in portrait layout but you will get the idea!. Click on arrows at bottom rh side of video picture to get full screen view.

Hope you can access it and it doesn’t clog up those with slow connections.Please advise if film clips are more trouble than they are worth. You might need to google and download a free programme off the internet for .mov type movies if you can’t view.

There are sixteen rivers to cross in this manner between Arawa and Buka. This isn’t the one we got stuck in! Poor Norah Riddick was in a vehicle that floated  (more details on norahandlindsay.wordpress.com) and they had to “abandon ship!” Her story is rather good.


3 thoughts on “River crossing Arawa to Buka

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hi Dave,
    You didn’t tell people that that is pretty much the norm for some of the crossings. Most viewers would not have realised either that the reason you filmed your own crossing through the windscreen is because of the basic rule that upstream windows are closed on all crossings. Norah has a little clip of water pouring out the back of the PMV in which they floated then got stuck.

  2. Andre says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie,
    Looks very interesting, especially if you stall in the middle- trus tyou do not.
    Anyway we are back from SA trip, everything went well at dads memorial service.
    Did you get the books we sent? Rosie.
    Have you left Arawa already, if so where are you situated now?
    How was your break in NZ, I am sure you armed yourselves with everything you had forgotten to take over with you the first time, now that you a re experts at frontier living.
    Al l the best
    Love Andre and Catherine

  3. Chris says:

    Awesome! Looks like you guys would be better off with a boat than a jeep! I love the videos, they really give a sense of the location – if you can do the same thing for the town where you guys are at, or any other significant places, it’d be great!


    p.s. lifejackets might be an excellent additional layer for those risking crossings such as these!

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