Visit to Panguna Mine

This hopefully gives a panning view of the Panguna Mine – the picture is too wide for a photograph.(even on our new faster and cheaper internet connection it took ages to upload this file so I am afraid there won’t be too many after this! )

Trip to Panguna Mine This link gives the more usual written report that we hope you can all access this time and enjoy. ( I finally managed to sort out the previous post link in Arwa Arts and Crafts – please have another go if you were locked out of it)

Following on from the dramas reported last week , Murray’s eye problem wasn’t so bad and hes back in Arawa, Randall is recovering well from his accident, and the poor lady with the bunged up intestines had all sorts of concoctions pumped in both ends without success and ended up being carted to Buka in the back of a Landcruiser and flown out to Townsville, after attempts to fly her out from closer came unstuck. There they were able to sort her out, thank goodness without any complications, and she is due back in town in the next day or two.

We head out for our six month break, on Wednesday to Buka (3.30am start); on Friday to Brisbane for a few days with the Shuters; and on to NZ on the 12/13th arriving in Tauranga in the early hours of the morning.  We will probably take a holiday  from the blog until the end of October, unless something exciting comes up during our travels. Take care!


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