Arawa Arts and Crafts (LINK FIXED)

Arts and Crafts in Arawa(2) This week we look at the local arts and crafts scene.IT WORKS NOW!

This past week featured my 62nd birthday – not a day to celebrate too much these days with the advancing years! Note the sweat stains on the shirt –

not your average balmyNZ summer evening!

Drama of the week has been Murray, our VSA area rep,  flying off to Cairns to have a possible detached retina fixed and Russel a volunteer from Buka falling off his bicycle and nearly getting run over by a PMV – when I say nearly I mean nearly – he was concussed and had to have his ear sewn back on and later discovered in Cairns his jaw was broken, apart from numerous bruises and abrasions and a very sore shoulder. Another poor volunteer went to an interschool sports event, got dehydrated and seriously constipated – no go for a week! Poor lady is in some discomfort and Rosie and other volunteers have been rallying around to try to ” work it out” . We all seem to have plenty of anti- runs medicines but few for this problem!

It’s a little over a week before we travel to Buka – two days before the flight out – to reduce the risk of being caught by a flooded river!

Last week we also received a care parcel from son Chris and Caroline in France  and a large box of books for Rosie’s school from Ros in Tawa.  It was like Christmas!

Next week I hope to be able to report on a trip to the Panguna Mine – the reason for Arawa and the centre of the conflict that lead to its closure. I have been asked to help with a sewage problem the small community has, through the Arawa urban Council for whom I am working, and with the approval of the  Regional Commissioner. ( all documented) This means I am not required to pay any of the ” tax” at the controversial Roadblock  that blocks the way to the mine – which VSA specifically forbids me to do.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and support – except to the mouse who sliced a neat hole in the parcel from Chris and had a nibble of Salami and a French  toffee somewhere between France and Buka! He obviously has high class taste!

Take care!


Checking out Kimbe West New Britain PNG

Back in Arawa after my latest adventure which unfortunately did not include Rosie. Read about it in the attached file- click on the highlighted text as usual to open it. Checking out Kimbe.  Under three weeks to our 6month break – in Brisbane with the Shuters and back in NZ.  Take care.

Sewer Rods Delivery Saga

Attached is a small article I have sent to VSA for possible inclusion in one of their publications. It charts the process of getting sewer rods ordered and delivered from the UK – quite an exercise! Sewer Rods Delivered

We continue to maintain good health but Arawa is pretty sodden- we haven’t had more than 1or 2 days without a torrential downpour for some months now. A major plus is that it helps keep the temperature reasonable but humidity is very high. We are pretty well isolated from the rest of the world –  a local chief  died in Buka on Wednesday and they haven’t yet been able to transport his body back – it appears to be coming back by boat to-day!

We finally managed to find some plain flour in a shop yesterday – there has been none in town for a few weeks now. Any bread we could get tasted awful. Rosie has become a dab hand breadmaker but without flour even she couldn’t produce bread. The rumour is that sugar is the next commodity we wre going to run out of . Why someone can’t plan this all a little better I don’t know! (” Hey we are completely out of flour/chicken/ sugar/rice,etc- we better order some more from Rabaul so that we can get a delivery in the next boat in a month’s time!”)

Dave is off to Kimbe on Monday and will be away for just over a week – so the next posting is likely to be delayed -but it might have some interesting new perspectives on Papua New Guinea!

It is very sad news about the Earthquake in Christchurch and plane crash at the Glaciers. Our thoughts and prayers with those involved.

I spotted this interesting hibiscus recently – where the stamen normally is there is another small flower!