Day Trip to Arova Island

Greetings to our faithful readers  – this is our next adventure. As usual click on the highlighted text to transfer to our written document.Day trip to Arova Island.

All is well here. Right now there is the very real prospects of our transferring to Kimbe in West new Britain after our 6 month break in NZ during October – there is a project with allocated funds that needs an engineer to take over from one who is reaching the end of his time (plus 4 months) We are also trying to arrange a visit of a few days before we go so time is getting tight. The project will be for 3 months to give the Bougainville Government time to decide if they are going to allocate a significant part of their budget to sorting out Arawa from 2011 – after that a number of options  exist as to what might happen. All will be revealed with the passage of time.  Kimbe is also quite remote – but not as much as Arawa – and the project involves assisting small communities with water supply and sanitation solutions. Watch this space!

Our good friends Chris an Elaine Angove finished up in Arawa to-day after nearly one year – assignment shortened basically because all objectives had been achieved. They’re off to Fiji for their son’s wedding after which they will be returning to New Zealand and re-entering the job market.Good luck and sorry to see you go! ( So are Mr Pip and Matilda, their adopted Arawa dog and cat who are on the very risky market for new “owners” ) Finally a tip on how to pick a pawpaw!

Rosie on Dave


One thought on “Day Trip to Arova Island

  1. Andre says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie,
    Sad week for us as Louise went to her rest. We buried her at Harveys small holding with a Kauri tree and daffodils. RIP
    Thaks for all your news.
    We are goin gto a book fair to look for childrens books on the weekend. How do you intend to get them all over there. As baggage when u return? Anyway we will collect some for you.
    Jo-anne is still doing well and Kevin is working hard on his gardening projects – in the rain most days it seeems.
    Today is windy and cold, but it is spring.
    Lots of love
    Andre and Catherine

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