Rosie’s School

This week’s blog is about the little school where Rosie works.As usual click on the following coloured text to get the automatic link to the document Rosie’s School.

An interesting recent occurrence – a local MP had managed to get the funding for a truck for a school in his area and at the ceremony to take it over he was asked to make a speech. He told his audience that they would have to look after the truck – in particular no-one drunk was to drive the truck – in fact – if he heard of someone driving the truck drunk he would personally smash the windscreen on the truck, beat up the driver and then hand him over to the police!

We continue to be well – tummy bugs seem to be behind us. The joys of being adopted by a dog in Arawa – on our early morning constitutional yesterday Girl chased and caught a chicken, giving it a severe mauling- it will probably die. The elderly owners were understandably upset and we ended up paying K40 in compensation. Any good ideas on dog euthanasia?!

Weather has continued wet and has limited access between Arawa and Buka ( and the outside world) It also stopped our planned trip to an offshore island over the weekend for a bit of sightseeing and snorkeling.

There is possibly an opportunity for a three month transfer to Rabaul to complete a Wastewater project started by a VSA volunteer but who has come to the end of his assignment. Trouble is our 6month break comes in this period and our tickets are booked so we will see what eventuates. Arawa managment are involved in a meeting today with the rest of the regional representatives to decide on the budget priorities for the 2011 budget. It will be interesting to see what Arawa can get as it may give me some justification for being here – but I am not holding my breath!

This is our good friends and colleagues Chris and Elaine’s last week in Arawa before going home via a Pacific Island resort where there son is getting married. It will be sad to see them go.

Couple of pictures of a stunning green orchid for your visual pleasure!

Take care!


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