The best little hospital in the South Pacific..

The subject of this blog is the old Arawa Hospital.  As before click on the following highlighted text to get the full article.The Best Hospital in the South Pacific…

If you found that a bit depressing here’s a picture of local kids to cheer you up!

For the engineering types here is a picture of a local home-made  hydro electric plant- at rest. When the jet is directed onto the vanes the spray is blinding but it seems to work . Not sure how they control the revs!

Arawa private hydroelectric generator

We are well and in good spirits despite a few relatively minor tummy bug problems. Dave’s work situation is much as before – thought it might be good to try to help set up a “Fair Trade ” arrangement to ensure the local small farmers got a fair share of the proceeds of the sale of their cocoa , but it in fact looks like they are doing very well – on the strength of several buyers chasing their high quality crop!

We have received our first packet of kid’s books for Rosie’s school,  thanks to Mary Collins.

Dave is still trying to get about NZ$400 to pay the 10% GST on some sewer rods paid for by the AUC and delivered to Port Moresby – but they’ve run out of money to get them released from customs! A good friend is taking it up with his service club in Whakatane – hope they can come to the party!

Speaking of Whakatane – I have been informed that the place has had to deal with a second major flood for 2010 that had the waters lapping at the Wharf Shed restaurant and with a rural area flooded when a stop bank failed. Tough luck guys -hope damage is not too serious.


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