Birds, Bugs and Beasties

The wildlife is another aspect of Arawa life  – check out by clicking on the highlighted writing Birds Bugs and Beasties

A couple more snaps of locals

Proud dad and daughter

Popsicle in a bag

and ice-cream !-  I don’t think it was an ice cream that caused the effect!

Take care!


2 thoughts on “Birds, Bugs and Beasties

  1. P &C says:

    Hello Dave and Rosie

    Keep on trying to leave a comment but none seem to appear. If this one comes out I have no ideas why. Received your emails an tried to reply but our email bounced.

    One thing with gekos living in the house. We used to encourage them inside to eat any bugs until we had a very expensive aircondtioning repair bill from a fried geko. The repair man told us that it was the most common reason (around here) for aircondtioners to break down
    Paul & Carmen

  2. Moira Schionning says:

    Hi guys,
    Thank you for the latest letter, I loved the photos and enjoyed reading about the wildlife there, 4 legged and 2 legged. The proud Dad has bright red teeth in my photo, are they happy enough to be photographed ? I always enjoy seeing your photos , wish I could take such good ones. I hope all is well and that are keeping busy and productive. Really looking forward to seeing you again ! i am off to Sydney on Tues to visit Jenn for week, can’t wait. Den has moved the factory here and started production today. he is still ironing out a few probs with the laser but seems fairly relaxed at this stage. Fortunately its not the busiest time of the year yet. John sold his house an hour before he left for the airport to fly to France ! Mum and co at the beach now – hope they are having a lovely time.
    Must fly,miss you heaps. Take care, Moira xx

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