Flowers and plants of Arawa – a selection

Greetings again and best wishes from Dave and Rosie. Hope you still find our blog interesting – not too many comments lately! Weather has been very wet lately – boy it can rain in this part of the world -but it does help keep the temperatures moderate -if not the humidity. I noticed that we have mould growing on the walls again despite a good dose of bleach a couple of weeks ago. Wendy and Jenny (VSA volunteers returned with Murray (VSA local co-ordinator) from their holiday breaks and were unable to cross a flooded river half way through their journey from Buka to Arawa and were fortunate to find a house empty at a nearby school where they were able to spend the night before being able to conclude their journey the next day. Dave has been able to find some work at the Kieta District Office helping them sort out a new Admin Office at a place called Toniva about 40min from Arawa to the SE along the coast. Nearby are the ruins of a plush hotel with outside swimming pool Toniva Luxury Hotel Again very sad to see all the destruction…. They are keen to get the new office installed – interestingly they have even cancelled a contract with a local contractor to build additional classrooms – after he’d bought all the materials and built the foundations!  He’s understandably not too happy – certainly he’d have been in deep consultation with his lawyer within minutes had this been in New Zealand- but this is not! For your entertainment we have a selection of flowers and plant photographs in our attached report. Flowers and Plants of Arawa – a selection enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Flowers and plants of Arawa – a selection

  1. Hi Dave and Rosie,
    According to Wikipedia, the Bourgaivillea plant has nothing to do with Bougainville. The common link is through their discoverer French Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville. In 1766 he lead the first French circumnavigation of the world which included sailing through the Solomon islands and naming Bougainville after himself. The plant is from South America and was discovered by his botanists on the same trip and named after their Admiral.

    Best wishes
    Looking forward to joining you.
    p.s. we have now set up our own blog page open to all;
    Still needs a little refining and figuring out what to do but I anticipate you may be able to ease my learning path.

  2. Elizabeth and Tom Bayliss says:

    Lovely flowers !! And well done Rosie with all the vege growing. With such high humidity I thought the seeds might rot before germinating and getting going. How nice to be able to enjoy your own produce though.

    The ruined hotel is a very sad sight indeed; the task of putting things to rights is certainly a daunting one. Rosie, how is your classroom work going?

    Hot Club was a huge success as expected; Laura will give you the full details no doubt.

    Our best to you both, Elizabeth and Tom

    This hot news from BOP Times:
    Environment Bay of Plenty chairman John Cronin is extremely disappointed the Court of Appeal has set aside the council’s decision to move its head office from Whakatane to Tauranga.

    The court ruled that the decision did not comply with Section 79 of the Local Government Act – a section of the Act which Mr Cronin said was currently being repealed by Parliament because it was unworkable.

    Yesterday’s decision represented a victory for the Whakatane District Council which has engaged in a lengthy legal fight to keep the headquarters in Whakatane

  3. P &C says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie

    I think that the top left hand flower is a Bird of Paradise ( we have them in our garden) and the very right top one part of the Hebicum (not spelt correctly) family which is related to ginger —I think. But then I might be wrong. Tried to reply to your earlier email but it bounced – try emailing us again on this address and I will have another go.

    Paul & Carmen

  4. Andre says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie,
    Your flora photos are fantastic. It must be amazing living in those beautiful surroundings. The veggie garden sounds exciting Rosie.
    It has been cold and very very wet up here in Auckland this winter, so our garden is a bit overgrown with weeds.
    Jo-anne is blooming and is very excited as she discovers all the new element sof her pregnancy.
    Kevin is working hard in his gardens and has done some lovely jobs around Devonport.
    I thinks I told you that we are going to SA on 16th Sept until the 11th October to have a memorial service and scattering of my Dads ashes in Westville with my Moms at Westville Methodist Church. We will also be going to Mauritius for a week courtesy of Amway.

    I believe you will be back on leave in Sept, is that right?
    Lots of love
    Andre and Catherine

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