It’s a Dog’s Life and Nuts to You!

Two intellectual treats this week – one about pets in Arawa and the other about the local practice of chewing betel nut.

It’s a dog’s life……… and  To betel or not to betel………

Rosie celebrated another birthday this last week – we had Elaine and Chris around for a meal – special treat of lamb shanks cooked in red wine with the last of our prunes!  To finish off a photo of a particularly colourful Arawa sunset

Arawa Sunset

Arawa Sunset


One thought on “It’s a Dog’s Life and Nuts to You!

  1. Anne & Glenn says:

    Your anecdotes and descriptions of Boungainville remind us very much of our couple of years in the Highlands way back. That all seems like a very small part of our lives, so all we can offer is make the most of each day, see as much as you can of the place and enjoy making your own fun.
    You’ll be looking forward to sharing all with the Riddicks who will be with you very soon. We’re joining them at their farewell on Saturday night.
    Meantime, lots of love from the 2 of us,
    Anne & Glenn

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