The Volunteer team in Arawa

Arawa – 13 July

Click on the highlighted text for the next exciting episode – photos included in the text for a change !


1) Saturday night PNG EMTV advertised All Blacks vs Springboks at 8.00pm – up until 7.55.Group had gathered in front of best TV and me in my Safari suit, broad Afrikaans accent and Vuvuzela to add colour  – all we got was some junky Aussie chat show for 2 hours – while we waited to see if the broadcast was merely delayed!

2) Monday night – watched the replay of the World Cup final on our snowy old TV only to have the power cut at the end of the regulation 90min – before the solitary goal in extra time!


One thought on “The Volunteer team in Arawa

  1. Smith and Lehmann says:

    What do you mean :junky aussie chat show. They’re all of top quality!!!
    Hey Dave and Rosie.
    Have been a little remiss in not catching up with your blogs. It’s like it’s there and therefore you don’t look. E-mails are more in your face and one feels the need to respond. But I do understand your situation.
    Life back here’s quite good. Getting some rain and cold weather. Have had many weekends away camping, and now I’m off to NZ skiing in a few minutes to get away from all our political hype leading up to our elections. Unfortunately Lysia can’t come this time and it’s going to be 3 blokes in Queenstown. Remember what snow looked like??
    I’ll need to read some more of your blogs when I get back. Looks good what I’ve seen so far.
    All the best
    Otmar (and Lysia)

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