It’s a Dog’s Life and Nuts to You!

Two intellectual treats this week – one about pets in Arawa and the other about the local practice of chewing betel nut.

It’s a dog’s life……… and  To betel or not to betel………

Rosie celebrated another birthday this last week – we had Elaine and Chris around for a meal – special treat of lamb shanks cooked in red wine with the last of our prunes!  To finish off a photo of a particularly colourful Arawa sunset

Arawa Sunset

Arawa Sunset


Arawa – the locals – a selection

This posting is dedicated to the people of Arawa. -click on the highlighted link to the pre-typed pages.Arawa Locals

Excitement of the week – a couple of VSA volunteers travelled back to Buka on Saturday morning in the PMV (public minibus).After two hours of travelling came across a roadblock with a group of rather threatening looking blokes with knives. The PMV’s did a quick u-turn  short of the roadblock and headed back to Arawa where they remonstrated with the police (apparently it all  turned out after all to be a police roadblock to try to recover a stolen vehicle), refueled  and headed off back to Buka, getting there this time . An unpleasant 3.5hr journey turned into a 9hr endurance  feat!

Have a nice week!

The Volunteer team in Arawa

Arawa – 13 July

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1) Saturday night PNG EMTV advertised All Blacks vs Springboks at 8.00pm – up until 7.55.Group had gathered in front of best TV and me in my Safari suit, broad Afrikaans accent and Vuvuzela to add colour  – all we got was some junky Aussie chat show for 2 hours – while we waited to see if the broadcast was merely delayed!

2) Monday night – watched the replay of the World Cup final on our snowy old TV only to have the power cut at the end of the regulation 90min – before the solitary goal in extra time!