Movies and other everyday occurances

Arawa – the story continues  Here we are -life carries on carrying on. Our latest posting covers the Arawa Film making industry(!) and everyday life,Enjoy!

Clown fish photographed by Dave while snorkeling on reef by Kieta, Bougainville

Camera Canon P10 waterproof camera


One thought on “Movies and other everyday occurances

  1. Andre says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie,
    Good to catch up with your news and the photos are excellent as usual. I am just looking at the calender you gave me for Christmas which hangs just behind my monitor. We are all well, Jo and Kev are away on their cruise to New Calidonia and we have not heard from them since the first evening they were still in cellphone contact. Obviously internet use is not on their priority of fun things to do on a cruise.
    Nick is back in Sydney after his trip to San Franscisco and seems very keen to get on with his new job.
    Louise is still going strong. we are also looking after Kevs bird Sunny while they are away.
    Bit cold here tonight and we have a roaring fire going ( not that you would want to hear that in your world)
    Please let us know if you wnat anything from NZ and we will post it out OK.
    Lots of love
    Andre and Catherine

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