Arawa- the new Wild West?

Great to hear from you ! Life continues much as normal – very quiet. We ‘ve had Monday and Tuesday off – Monday as Queens birthday ( the day we had off last week was wrong – we follow Aussie QB celebrations – anyway everyone as a consequence had an extra day off) Tuesday is a day of celebration for the newly elected government and we understand there are celebrations planned for Buka to-day. As usual follow the link attached to the highlighted text. Arawa –developments


3 thoughts on “Arawa- the new Wild West?

  1. Malcolm Macfarlane says:

    Hello Dave and Rosie,

    Greetings from Ohope. You may have heard about the heavy rain here with many homes in Whakatane being flooded.
    The photos in your blog look like you are having a real adventure but after looking at the photos I then read the file on your work Dave. This was from 8 June where you list some of the roadblocks to improving the situation there. You list some real challenges and frustrations Dave but I did read some positive things too. Making a plan for what is needed is always part of the solution.

    Best wishes from Malcolm and Ann Macfarlane

  2. Andre says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie, We have been thinking about you over there on your Island. Good to read all the news of Daves job etc. Also to see the pictures of your house and the city!
    We are all well and Jo and Kev are getting ready to sail away on their cruise to Nomea on Friday.
    We get to look after their bird Sunny?
    Nick is back from San Fransisco where he was training for his new position at Sales Force. He came back very excited and can’t wait to make a go of this new role.
    We are all good, Louise still keeps on getting us every morning.
    Lots of love to you both.
    Andre and Catherine

    • daveandrosie says:

      Great to hear from you too . I think one of our VSA colleagues from Arawa is on the same cruise as Jo and Kevin as she is due out of Auckland on Friday too.Her name is Wendy Roger. Sounds like Nic has found his niche! Good luck to him! We are planning to come back to NZ for a few weeks in mid October so look forward to seeing you then!

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