Movies and other everyday occurances

Arawa – the story continues  Here we are -life carries on carrying on. Our latest posting covers the Arawa Film making industry(!) and everyday life,Enjoy!

Clown fish photographed by Dave while snorkeling on reef by Kieta, Bougainville

Camera Canon P10 waterproof camera


Wild West follow -up

Wild West follow up the story continues – although the dust appears to be settling!

Great to hear from you . We are starting to think about our 6 month break and at this stage it still looks like NZ in mid October. Some more pictures to enlighten you Mountains behind Arawa

Reef fish

Clown fish

Fish pictures taken with our Canon P10 underwater camera while snorkelling a couple of weeks ago. It seems a very good little camera and is also great for the humid conditions. I keep my ordinary camera in a sealed box with silica get sachets.

Arawa- the new Wild West?

Great to hear from you ! Life continues much as normal – very quiet. We ‘ve had Monday and Tuesday off – Monday as Queens birthday ( the day we had off last week was wrong – we follow Aussie QB celebrations – anyway everyone as a consequence had an extra day off) Tuesday is a day of celebration for the newly elected government and we understand there are celebrations planned for Buka to-day. As usual follow the link attached to the highlighted text. Arawa –developments

Dave’s work

now for the next EXCITING instalment that you have all been waiting for! Click on the highlighted text for the pre-recorded PDF file. DAVE’S WORK.  Thank you for all the comments and e-mails – they are a breath of fresh air.  Now that we have reasonably reliable internet connection we feel less cut off from our friends and relatives. We received parcels last week – very generously sized- for which we were very grateful -but postage is expensive so we cannot and do not expect large items! I’m sure I can survive without my porridge oats – brown rice makes not a bad substitute! We are nearly half way to our first overseas break – at the end of September – and will have to decide where to go – back to NZ sounds very attractive to me (Dave)at the moment! We are entitled to nearly three weeks off.  Take care!

Arawa beach at dawn looking west.

My first attempt at photo download – Robert kindly did the others off a CD. We get weekly access to the VSA satellite modem  for free and I will try some more in the future – not too many – its a bit slow for big files