Living in Arawa

Our Bedroom

Our lounge

Our kitchen

Our house

Our street

Greetings from Arawa again where the temperature is 25 deg and the humidity92%(it’s raining).Hope you find the latest (largely written by Rosie) interesting. Just click on the highlighted text to get to the PDF document. I believe Robert has downloaded pictures for us into our other postings so check .(I’m too scared to because of the likely cost!)  Living in Arawa


4 thoughts on “Living in Arawa

  1. Elizabeth and Tom Bayliss says:

    At last able to read your fascinating pdf accounts; what vivid accounts they were from D and R both. Found the pics of ‘your place’ reassuring – a touch of civilisation which reminded me of a fifties bach. ( Thanks Robert for the upload) You’d certainly just need to adopt a laid back attitude to cope with the shared water supply, and other communal aspects. Don’t know whether the noisy nocturnal activities of people and animals would be easy to deal with though. Dave, you’ve certainly got some challenges in the infrastructure dept. How v sad to see that hospital in ruins; I suppose it is reminiscent of the devastation after WW2 in London. A few dramas in the EBOP with huge rains (eg 40mm per hour) which brought down slips in Mokorua, and actually destroyed a house at West End. Quite spectacular. Bridge St a bit sodden at the bottom, but Walter Park and no 8 ok thanks to some inexpert but reasonably effective stormwater drains Tom dug in a couple of yrs ago.

    Will keep watching your space.

    Love E and T

  2. Dennis and Moira says:

    Hi there, Yahoo !!! I have finally discovered how to read your letters and very interesting ones they are too ! I have just spent a fascinating couple of hours reading all your previous blogs and found the stories and photos most interesting. what a change from life in NZ and I would so love to be able to visit you and see everything myself. You are wonderful writers and have a marvellous way of writing that just brings everything to life and one can picture it all so well. I love hearing about your life there and will follow your blog with great interest. Won’t be able to comment on everything as rushing off to town soon, but will try to write short notes more frequently. Does everyone get to read this or is it for you only ? Not sure how this works. We could do with some of your hot weather here, its getting quite nippy at times. All well here,I have lost 3.5KG and have taken up running, made it round the whole Mount yest except for one short, very steep hill at the end. We miss having you so close by and hope you aren’t missing your friends too much. Hope Rosy gets the teaching job and that the money for improvements eventuates. You have made your house nice and homely – I love hearing what you eat, the escapades of the locals. trips you make etc etc, so nice to be able to picture your lives. Stay off the JJ !! Hope the parcel has arrived by now. Tons of love, Moira xx

  3. Susan Smith says:

    Hello Dave and Rosie, Sue S here the one from Whak. Hospital. So good to read your blog-it reminds me of PNG. I am glad you are settling in, it all sounds very new and challenging!
    Have fun, Sue.

  4. Trevor says:

    Hi. You Mum gave me your blog details. I find it so amazing that your life is so ‘big’ and interesting and here I am stuck in one place. Things are still as they were when I last saw you. I am still getting by with the morphine and regular cortisone injections. My kids are still well Jonathan and Rita are still in Woking and Logan and Brodie are doing well. Gillian is still unmarried going out with the same guy and living in London. Janet is also still with her guy Jason and is here in Westville. Mary is still busy in the library at Westville Boys High. I was quite fascinated looking at where you are on Google Earth. it does look far from everywhere. If you do use Google Earth you should have a look at the Durban Beachfront as the image is very new and it shows all the changes as well as the new soccer stadium. We are also now on street view and you can look at all the city sites at street level. I will check your blog to keep in touch and try to keep up with your lives.

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