Arawa by Night

Night time in Arawa

Hope you find this entertaining .We are both well.  Rosie has had a day at a local Grammar (private) school and may be going to help teach English three times a week. There may be a substantial amount of aid money coming into Arawa from Australia to restore the infrastructure from next year . Watch this space.

I have replaced the .docx files attached to the other postings with JPG files so all should be able to read them all.


4 thoughts on “Arawa by Night

  1. Ron and Lynda McMartin says:

    Hi, have been perusing all the many interesting things you have so efficiently detailed. Well done, you sound like you are really making a big effort to enjoy things there, and this is great!! It is all so very different and “foreign”, but that is how it was to be expected and what a wonderful experience to have in life. Just look after your health and continue with all the exciting escapades. Thanks for your articles, we will be watching your web now, and send you lots of good wishes for continued, but especially “happy” survival.
    God bless
    From Ron and Lynda xxx

  2. James says:

    What adventures – very jealous – tell us more about your work and how you are contributing to the town’s development… I bet you are missing certain meals …?


  3. phil Wyatt says:

    Good to hear from you. I must say Bouganvilla looks like a dream albeit a bad one but it certainly looks as if they need your help. All well here. Jan in the UK with new grandchild. I will keep in touch


  4. Elizabeth and Tom Bayliss says:

    At last ,thanks to Heather’s new link, we can see what goes on in Bougainville. My old link led to nowhere so I thought you were still off line. Will digest your posts at leisure. xx

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