Pidia Village


It finally worked!! Click on the  highlighted text to catch the next fascinating (??)installment.

Pidia Village Washing Facilities

Outrigger lessons

Clown fish


Village House


Movie of trip out added


One thought on “Pidia Village

  1. Andre says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie,
    I got up especially early this morning 6am to let Louise out (yes she is still going strong.) It is my birthday today so hoped to catch Peta and Juan before they went to bed. Anyway it is a good time to catch up on letters, and your blogsite.
    Trust the radio is working well now and you are getting all the news, like the stock market 1000pt Dow crash and recovery within 3 days. Also the hung parliment in the UK and Primeminister Browns resignation.
    Anyway “They” found $1 Trillion to bale out Europe so everything is stable over there again.
    We are all well and the baby is 13 weeks now. We are really looking forward to having a little grandchild in our lives.
    Lots of love Andre and Catherine

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