Arawa – Dave’s first impressions


Arawa Street

Arawa Beach

Industrial Area Arawa

Industrial Area Arawa

Arawa Hospital “the best in the Pacific”

Arawa Street

Arawa – first Impressions PDF

Still fighting junky modems and intermittent connections – I can’t even get the downloaded software update to be accepted! We are well and slowly adapting to local conditions. See attached pre-recorded more detailed comments

Latest news is that some groups might be trying to disrupt the forthcoming haveelections (starting next week) and that there may be guns involved. We  been advised by our area rep to maintaintain a low profile but there seems no reason for us to be targets. Locals seem to be carrying on with their regular lives regardless and no-one seems to be getting too excited about it all.

Chris’s parcel with our blown radio repair bits has finally arrived in Buka and I hope to have it delivered next week and hopefully repair the radio- so that we can keep up with world news . Prayers and fingers crossed for my success most welcome!


One thought on “Arawa – Dave’s first impressions

  1. Sue Meadowcroft says:

    Wow what an adventure . All those camping skills are certainly coming in useful. We are honoured to have been part of the training! You guys are awesome. Thinking of you. Sue and Tim

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