The journey there (back in business!)

Back in business ( we hope!) Making connection has been difficult and internet connection is expensive -about NZ$ 1.50 per KB! – so don’t expect too many pictures, although we are supposed to be getting a high speed wireless link “at the end of the month”. Trouble is no one can be sure which month!

Arawa -The Journey There

The link is to my pre-written word document – recorded as a pdf file because I don’t seem to be able to paste the word document straight into the text . If this works we will follow up shortly with next page -Arawa first impressions. Looking forward to improved communications!


Buka Accomodation


My PMV to Arawa


Waiting for PMV- Buka


 Travelling Companions


Typical Bougainville Store


3 thoughts on “The journey there (back in business!)

  1. John & Sue Whale says:

    Whew! Glad to hear you are both well and have arrived OK. When we hadn’t heard from you for a couple of weeks we had visions of you still hacking your way through the jungle to Arawa!

    Read your report: ‘Arawa – The Journey There’ with interest, looks like you have some challenges and fascinating adventures to look forward to! To get some context on your adventure I just finished re-reading Lloyd Jones book ‘Mister Pip’ which is set somewhere near Arawa. Glad to hear there are no ‘Redskins’ around!

    Watched a Country Calendar programme last night about Samoa where a couple are assisting the locals to set up a coffee plantation. I wonder how coffee bushes would grow in Bougainville. I’d be interested in what the bureaucratic/government structure is operating in Bougainville and how it happens in Arawa.

    Looks like you are on a steep learning curve on remote communications and radio transmission etc., we will get your mobile phone details from Laura as you suggest.
    We are looking forward to your updates and news.

    Best Wishes – John & Sue

  2. James de Necker says:

    Greetings intrepid explorers
    emails to you are bouncing back???
    please confirm you email address remains the same?
    Jim and Felicity

  3. James de Necker says:

    Great to hear from you in sort-of-real-time way. It sounds like you are truly in your own private Ultima Thule. Are there actually maps that show your new location?
    We will sms you today so you will then have our mobile numbers. Sorry that communicating is so fraught. Wehave all become so blase about instant connection, even across the world.
    Felicity is busy busy at work . is singing and painting and photographing. Jim is in the throes of 3 major jobs to generate some income before commencing our renovation. he has also disassembled The Beast’s front forks and steering assembly so that Easy Riding together will have to wait a bit ( I am still considering whether the tassles on the handlebars are essential gear or not).
    we are due to visit Mum for 10 days at the beginning of Aug and are taking her a new, grannyproof cellphone, of super-simple operation.
    We will give her a second ‘birthday party’ then as well.She very much appreciated your phone call on her birthday. We are having fun collating and editing our NZ pix. Can probably send them as a disc to you sometime? Send us your address. JAmes and tracy’s David is much much quieter than Joshuawas/is, sleeps quietly. Josh hasnt yet tried to flush him away and seems to be coping with having been supplanted. Does this means of comminication suit you better than emails?

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